His Perfect Will
(B.J. Collins - 1998)

He made me big. He made me small.
He made me short. He made me tall.
He made me black. He made me white.
He gave me life. He gave me sight.

He made my dog. He made my cat.
He gave me hope. He gave all that.
He made me whole. He gave His love.
He gave this song. So sing along.

His perfect will - for us to be.
His perfect will - is all we need.
His perfect will - is all around.
His perfect will - is what we've found.

He made me loud. He made me soft.
He made the clouds. He made the dawn.
He made the Earth. He made the stars.
He gave us worth. He gave us power.

He keeps me fed. He keeps His word.
He hears my prayers. He helps me learn.
He gave His son. He gives it all.
He made us one. He loves us all.

His perfect will - for you and me.
His perfect will - for all to see.
His perfect will - is everywhere.
His perfect will - is why you're there.


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