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Christian Musicians

It is both an honor and a privilege to serve God using the gifts with which He has blessed us. Throughout history, the greatest works of art and music have been inspired by the Almighty, and it is our prayer that God will pour out His abundant blessings on you who have chosen to dedicate your time, talent and treasures for the Kingdom of Heaven.

The following pages are provided to encourage the Christian musician, but we would love to offer you our personal words of encouragement. Read these pages, and contact 70x7 personally if you need encouragement, have question, or need direction in your service to God through your own music or musicianship. We can help you get started playing in a church worship team, suggest popular songs that are inspirational to others, or give advice on the best approach to writing music that will impact people's lives in a big way. We will also pray with you and for you to seek God's presence in your life and music. May it be a sweet, sweet sound to His ears.

The Musician's Prayer

Music and Musicians in Scripture

An Apologetic in Defense of Christian Music

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