Hear My Prayer
(B.J. Collins - 1996)

Hear my prayer, oh Lord, help me come to You.
Let my cry for help somehow make it through.
Do not hide your face from me. Turn your ear to me.
When I call your name, oh Lord, answer quickly please.
For my days are gone like smoke, my bones burn like glowing coals.
My heart's dry as desert grass, I'm skin and bones.

I lie awake, oh Lord, an owl upon the roof.
They taunt and curse my name, and ashes are my food.
My drink is mixed with tears, because of Your great wrath.
My days are dark as shadows. I wither like the grass.
But forever on Your throne, Your name will stand alone.
You will show Your mercy, when the time has come.

All these stones are dear to us Lord.
This very dust will move us to tears.
Nations will fear the name of the Lord.
Kings of the earth will all revere.

Hear my prayer, oh Lord, and don't despise my plea.
Write it down for all unborn, to praise You on their knees.
Look upon us from on high, and save the ones condemned.
We will gather round, oh Lord, and worship You again.
In the course of my life, You broke me of my strength.
You cut short my days, and I began to pray.

You laid down the foundations of earth,
and the heavens are the work of your hands.
They will perish, but You will remain,
and Your years will never, never, never end.


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