According to Psalm 22, God inhabits the praises of His people. He dwells in an atmosphere of His praise,
and that means that PRAISE is a vehicle of faith that can elevate each of us into God's presence and power.

Indeed, praise and worship are the KEY to entering into the presence of His glory, and when
God is praised, His Holy Spirit responds by bringing the Lord's presence and power into our midst.

God delights in the praises of His children, and when we worship Him in Spirit and in truth, we are doing
exactly what He wants of us. The book of John 4:23-24 says, "Yet a time is coming and has now come when
the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the
Father seeks. God is spirit, and His worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth."

We can send the enemy running with our praises, when we sing songs of praise, clap our hands and shout,
and make a joyful noise unto the Lord. The ministry of music can be a catalyst in drawing God's people
into the presence of God, and that's when the power of the Holy Spirit is manifested in God's people.
In this atmosphere of praise, here are some things that the ministry of music can do:


...bring songs of praise to the lips of Christ’s disciples, and be a sweet sound to His ears.

...draw the Lord’s children into a deeper, more personal relationship with Him.

...set hearts ablaze with the power of the Holy Spirit in a symphony of praise.

...lift up hearts and minds towards heaven, and bring the presence of God into focus.

...enrich the worship life of a body of Christ, and give each member a taste of the joyful praise that awaits them in eternity. up doors, break down walls, and soften the hearts of God’s people.

...plough the ground and prepare good soil for the seeds of God’s Word to take root.

...lay the foundational bricks in building a truly meaningful worship experience.

...rekindle the flames of adoration for the Savior that once burned bright and clear.

...bring God’s children to their feet and help them feel the joy of their salvation.

...bring the faithful to their knees in prayer and supplication.

...bring tears to the eyes of all who feel the presence of He who inhabits their worship.

...bring the light of the Lord to a world of darkness that desperately needs His love.

And most importantly, the ministry of music can be a vehicle to lead individuals to a saving knowledge of Jesus.

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